Amanda Schroeder, the fighter that East County needs

Amanda knows that East County needs a strong voice for everybody in our diverse and changing community

As the Democrat in the race, Amanda will fight for:

Living-Wage Jobs: A fair wage for all workers, more workforce training, and better support for local small businesses.

Supported Students: Help kids show up ready to learn with early education for kids and parents, affordable daycare, and the
SUN program.

Social Services: Adequate services in East County to help those with mental health and addiction problems, and those facing homelessness.

Safer Streets: Safer neighborhoods by addressing threats like gangs and sex trafficking. Provide support to help people choose a better life.

Transportation Improvements: Push investment in East County for better roads, safe bridges, and more sidewalks.

Vibrant Community: Where all are welcome, all can succeed and the shared contributions of our neighbors make it a better place to live.